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Samos roadtrip: Chora - Koumaradei - Pyrgos - Spatharei - Pagondas - Myli

No talk, just drive! Enjoy the #Samos landscapes and the villages we pass on our roadtrip in the winter sun. To be honest, our roadtrip started off as a hunt for some snow on the mountains. Unfortunately for our boys, we found out most of the snow was already gone. Nevertheless, we had a nice afternoon driving from #Pythagorio through #Chora, #Koumaradei and #Pyrgos towards Spatharei. The view from the road between #Spatharei and #Pagondas towards the snow-capped Kerkis mountain and #Samiopoula is breathtaking! We continued through the valley of #Myli with its beautiful orange trees and back to Pythagorio. I have included a map of the #roadtrip at the end of the video. Have fun on your small Samos island tour!

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Enjoy Samos, either virtually or by visiting us live!



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