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Sunday roadtrip to Timiou Stavrou, Pyrgos and Pagondas

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

This week we went for a short road-trip to show you the reason why so many people come back to Samos every year! There is only one thing you do at the Monastery of the Holy Cross (Timiou Stavrou) and we will definitely see you again on our beautiful island! :-) After that, we stopped to see the Monastery of Megalia Panagia from the outside, as it was closed for visitors at the moment. We continued to Pyrgos for a walk around the village and after a short coffee stop we drove through Spatharei and stopped to enjoy the view of Samiopoula island. Lunch in Pagondas made a very nice end to our short excursion, and we were back in time for a warm but welcome swim in Pythagorio.

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