• Titia Kontaxis

Roadtrip from Mytilini to Kokkari and back to Pythagorio by sunset

Just outside Mytilini there is an unpaved road that leads all the way north to Kokkari. Giving our dogs the opportunity to explore this area they had never seen before, we also had a chance to enjoy the beautiful nature along the road. We ended up just outside of Kokkari on the asphalt road and decided to return to Pythagorio from the country road, leading us back to Mytilini under a colorful sunset. Come along on our afternoon roundtrip on beautiful Samos!

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Enjoy Samos, either virtually or by visiting us live!

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Pythaïs hotel
L. Logotheti 126
83103 Pythagorio
Samos, Greece
Ξενοδοχέιο Πυθαïς, Λ. Λογοθέτη 126, 83103 Πυθαγόρειο, Σάμος