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Good Friday at the Metamorphosis Church in Pythagorio, Samos. Μεγάλη Παρασκευή στο Πυθαγόρειο Σάμου

Good Friday is a mournful day that commemorates the Passion of Christ in all of Greece. From the early morning hours in all the Greek churches, the Epitaph, decorated with flowers, is ready to receive the body of Jesus. The icon of Christ is taken off the cross in churches and is then wrapped in linen and placed in a great casket covered in flowers symbolizing the tomb of Christ. People gather at the graves of their loved ones on the cemetery to honor the dead.

At the end of the liturgy the Epitaph is taken to the cemetery and afterwards the procession of the Epitaph procession through the village takes place.

As you can see in this video, and as is also explained by our priest Manolis, this year the church service took place outside with respect to the pandemic measures. Because of the damage to the church and the cemetery after the earthquake, the procession on the cemetery was only a small one and the procession though the village did not take place at all to prevent big crowd gathering. Despite all these measures, it was a beautiful liturgy.

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