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A taste of Samos: herbs, honey and (eventually) wine!

Our day started great with a coffee-with-a-view from Koumaradei. We also visited the Klironomou family store where they sell their herbs and essential oil. Just after Pyrgos we make our next stop at the Farmstore to taste and buy some of the delicious Samos honey. Enjoying the beautiful views towards the sea and the other islands in the distance, we arrive in Platanos. We stroll around the village and find out that we have to drive through these very narrow streets in order to get to Konteika and the vineyards after that. No problem, as you can see! At the Vakakis vineyards, we are just a little too early in order to be able to see the harvest of the grapes (start is next week!). Fortunately, we can still visit the traditional family house and taste all 9 different kinds of wine the winery has to offer. We learn about the different grapes and about the story behind the names of the various Vakakis wines. A day full of nice experiences, all of them worth seeing and trying!

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Enjoy Samos, either virtually or by visiting us live!



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